Now That’s What I Call a Buddha

IMG_0016Standing at 71 meters high (about 233 feet), the Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in the world. Carved into a hillside in the Leshan scenic area overlooking the convergence of three rivers, this humungous, stone Buddha is a popular destination among tourists in Asia. Last weekend I got to experience this magnificent statue up close and personal with my friend Kristin.

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But I Would Walk 500 Miles…

39,175 steps, 216 flights of stairs, and 17.38 miles–that’s what it took to hike one of China’s natural beauties, Jiuzhai Valley National Park.

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Jiuzhaigou is located in the northern region of Sichuan province, China. From Chengdu, one can either take an hour long flight or a 10-hour bus to get to Jiuzhaigou. My friends and I opted for the 10-hour bus, which was quite the experience. Continue reading


The first destination during my National Day holiday adventure was Chengdu, located in Sichuan province, China. Chengdu is relatively easy to get to from Chongqing as it is only a 2-hour train ride away.

IMG_0001After finding our hostel and grabbing a bite to eat, my friends and I headed off to explore the streets of Chengdu. Our first stop was Green-Ram Monastery, located in the western part of the city. This temple is known as “the number one Taoist temple in West Sichuan Province.” It was neat to be able to see the traditional forms of Chinese architecture throughout the temple. There was even a goat you could rub for good luck (hence the name of the temple).

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